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Yucky Duck Fashion

Friday, 13 February 2015

Xpose Magazine - Date Night Style & Rose News

I've been a guest blogger in Xpose Magazine now since April 2012 and I find it as enjoyable as ever contributing to the popular glossy. It's also given me an opportunity as a Rose to collaborate with brands such as Rimmel (in October 2014 issue, see below) and I am grateful for the team for that. I was asked to style up a 'date night' outfit on cue for Valentine's tomorrow and choose a quirky girly Friday look for the occasion. If your day job involves wearing an unflattering uniform then take full opportunity to whip those pins out and put your glad rags on to look your best. If you met in a nightclub or at the legendary folklore 2am shift pole in Coppers then he may have already seen you or your best (or worst even) so there's no harm in dressing more casually and peeling back a few layers of your night foundation.

These Sophia Webster have always been a conversation starter with blokes as they think on first glance that I have 'floating bows on my feet'. The Lulu Guinness eye clutch has many an occasion been passed around a group for photos, snap-chats and whatever else the social media kids are on to now. Culottes (ie long shorts) may have been last spotted circa the 80's but expect a burst of pantaloons ability to produce high kicks and side splits in this season. They also aren't easily blown up by the wind, much to the disappointment of passersby and general creeps. So fancy knickers are optional for the evening. Full outfit details are available in the February Issue available for €2.90 nationwide.

In 'Rose' news; I will be beginning all my Rose of Tralee Regional Outfit Posts in the coming days. I received a lot of positive feedback for staying true to my personal style during the festival and I hope to share the vision, designers and final looks over a number of upcoming posts. It's been a longtime coming but I finally will share my rig-outs and stories with you all soon. Thanks to Richard of Event Capture for providing the photographic memories for us all.

Finally, after Monday's 'pale post' the wonderful folks at Celtic Complexion are sending me on some beauty goodies to try out. There seems to be a gap in the market when it comes to pale cosmetics and I hope to find more natural skincare alternatives to the tan in a can.

Until next time Duckling's,
Love Vera Xx

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