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Yucky Duck Fashion

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Return of The Duck

"Tell me about when did you realised that your blog was a success?"

This was question number three I faced in my Rose of Tralee interview in Port Laoise last May over the sunny June Bank Holiday weekend. For me, I would have to believe that answering this question proves similar difficulty to being asked "when did you first realise you loved someone?" or some other proposed theory that involves deep reflection to credit its definition as success is such a personal objective state of mind. In a way, writing this post is a success in itself. 

I have had difficulty in constructing a clarifying answer to why it has taken me seven months to finally address this. As the whole idea of 'Yucky Duck' stemmed from the proposal of growing positivity from a self perception of negativity due to attitude and influence of others it is fitting that this all can be truthfully explained from that theory. My clothes has reflected my growth in confidence and now I confess my style is very much an extension of my personality. With the positive comes the negative, and we are fortunate that there is so much choice and spectrum in the Internet to find a blogger to relate to and follow. But it was the negativity I faced from unsuspecting sources which lead to a drop in self assurance and the demise of my posting.

Depending on where I would socialise in the country, people had no problem 'letting me know' exactly what they thought of what I was wearing. My idea of a night out is dancing until the arches of your aching feet find relief in kicking off those heels when you arrive home, not defending why I choose to wear a Bart Simpson shirt or no longer wear fake tan. I had made the vital error in taking it all to heart. I may not have 'gotten it right' every time but I had forgotten that overcoming negativity is a lifelong process and achievement. 

So what has changed? Knowing that I only had 12 months to embrace the Kilkenny Rose title and make the most of it, made me reflect on the question of whether I had made the most of my blog? As I sat in that seat last May and faced the 'blog success question' I could feel part sentiment, part panic awash me. But I replied with my initial natural reflex response. 

                                                     "Tell me about when did you realised that your blog was a success?"


ME: "I never expected any success when I started any of this. I was hungry to write and fashion was a topic I had gained knowledge through my experience in retail. The blog gave me a creative corner. And then Orla Kiely and Lulu Guinness were contacting me to work with them. Me with my little amateur corner of the Internet being contacted by internationally renowned brands. My blog was still a newborn and it's following not even established. And they were contacting me? They could see something I hadn't seen and it was then I wondered where all this would take me. 

That was the answer I gave the judging panel that day but it's only now I truly accept the statement I gave. I was right, it was a huge personal success, it was a big deal, and to stop blogging due to a drop in self-confidence was unjustifiable. As I countdown to April to hand back my sash I intend on using my unique opportunity to help advice but also give a wonderful insight into the Rose Festival. I will be focusing more on jovial writing, fashion topics and news with a return of some personal style posting. So expect regular posts and an emphasis on Irish fashion and new design talent. 

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This isn't a new beginning but merely a new direction for Yucky Duck,
Let the fun commence!
Love Vera Xx

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