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Yucky Duck Fashion

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Rose Style Diary: Day 1 "Retro Love"

Ah sure it only took me seven months to shift through a disc of over 700 photos. No really it did. At this stage I don't know where to begin, so I will begin from the start. On the 21st of April last I was chosen as the 2014 Kilkenny Rose in the Rose of Tralee International Festival (read about it here). After at least ten days of double checking to see if the sash was real after waking in the night in case it was all a hallucination, it finally sunk in the mammoth journey that lay ahead; the styling that is. As I've said on many occasions, my style is a reflection of who I am and for me, these four days in the Regional Festival was similar to Laois Fashion Week in my eyes.

Let's get one thing straight here before I continue. There are 29 Irish Roses at Regionals, with 6 spots to fill in Tralee and only one automatically through from the Leinster counties. So while you may think that my pre-festival priorities may have been a bit dubious I had in the back of my mind the very real expectation that the odds were against me and to embrace the occasion with both arms and to look back on that disc of 700 photos with no style regrets. This was MY Tralee.

Supporting Irish fashion was the utmost importance to me when choosing outfits for the Festival and I was lucky to sport 8 different Irish designers over the four days in Laois, from the new grad- Jocelyn Murray Boyne to the internationally renowned Orla Kiely and all my jewellery sponsored by Kildare company Newbridge Silverware.

If the 60's and 70's fashion had a love child, THIS would be their outfit baby. Lucky for me this Orla Kiely dress ticked the length appropriateness box, with it's tulip skirt and cute boat motif. I smartly cushioned the feet with some ankle socks from Topshop inside my Sophia Webster booties, which held up well in the comfort stakes despite having the most energetic 2 hour dance off with my Rose Bud which showed up my inadequate fitness levels. I popped on my pink light spring coat from Zara as the evening got chiller and finished the look with the cream floral headpiece from the new eShe collection from Newbridge Silverware. I nearly battened down their Kildare showroom door to get my hands on it after the collection's launch a week previous last year. I got endless compliments for the quirky accessory and was even aptly dubbed 'Zena' by Daithi O'Se upon our first meeting.

Over the next few days I will be continuing to share my favourite photos with you and provide some outfit inspiration for the incoming 2015 batch and prove that it's so important to express and stay through to yourself in a class of 70 young women.

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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