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Yucky Duck Fashion

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

My Dress for Success


The packing has commenced! I now have begun to bunch all my dresses, accessories, jewellery and (realise what I have forgotten) together. The excitement has definitely sunk in as I contemplate using black refuse bags instead of suitcases to contain the clothing haul. Amidst the wonderful pieces I have been sponsored, (some by Irish designers and the others I have picked up along the way) I can undoubtedly say there has been one in particular that I have had fun styling and it is of course my 'interview outfit' for Port Laoise. Don't get me wrong, I have not been perfecting the outfit so as to enhance my chances of getting through to Tralee but merely instead due to the past panic I encountered when planning for my Kilkenny Rose selection interview.

I had intentionally planned to wear the outfit from yesterday's post (read here) but had a change of heart last minute as I opted instead to abide by the 'dresscode' guideline with the word 'dress' being the clue. I had remembered I had a gorgeous orange chiffon midi skirt which I picked up a few years back in Topshop Edinburgh as began the big root to find the dress I had not adorned in recent times. This dress was a panic buy many a moon ago when I had a serious outbreak of psoriasis which covered my legs, back, chest and arms but I still felt compelled to wear a formal frock to our last night in the Scottish city. So although I have always had a negative connotation to the piece itself, I decided last month to rewrite a new history for it as I searched high and low only to find out that my mum had donated it to a charity shop (with my apparent blessing) a few months previous.

As I attempted to reunited myself with my orange guna by phoning up charity stores I was faced with the reality that my first dress preference was well gone, picked up by a bargain hunting fashionista. So what did I do? Simple straight on eBay. Bidded, purchased, posted and luckily it arrived two days before the big occasion. I have never tracked a postal order online with such obsession in all my time. And while it technically wasn't the exact same Edinburgh dress, whoever had worn the eBay one before me definitely gave me a bit of luck when walking into that interview room. Unlike the photos before, I finished off the look with my Joanne Hynes bib and of course these 'Valentino'-esque rockstud dupes (above) I picked up on eBay recently (here). I aim to save up for an authentic pair in the near future but for now these nude version will tie me over for the Summer sunshine.

So how could I possibly top the 'outfit of interview' ghost past drama you ask? Simple, there was no drama. I headed up to Atelier 27 a few weeks back in Dublin to trawl through the rails of young Irish designers only to chose a wonderful two piece by Jocelyn Murray Boyne. Her designs are incredibly fun, creative and fashion-forward and I am anticipating sharing some snaps with you of the full 'get-up' when I'm decked out in my glad rags in the forthcoming days.

So what is my advice for the future Roses entering the selection process in years to come?
  • Wear something to the knee especially if you're tall. The last thing you will want to be doing is being self conscious about pulling it down when you're sitting.
  • Don't dress for someone else. Take into account your age and dress appropriate for you. Remember the ethos of the selection process is to be yourself so don't wear anything you don't feel comfortable in.
  • Feel free to ask questions of the organisers if you're not sure about any outfit. They are there to help you and offer advice (even the Escorts!).
  • Borrow a dress from a friend or family member. It's not necessary to have something 'new' and the perfect gem might be hiding in your sister's wardrobe (wink wink).
Let me know if you have any questions or in need of advice and if you found this post interesting?
I can't wait to share my 'packing post' tomorrow with you with a sneak peak of all the style I have planned for this weekend.
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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