Yucky Duck Fashion

Yucky Duck Fashion

Saturday, 8 March 2014

KFW Outfit Preview

Tonight is the closing event of Kerry Fashion Week 2014 and what better why to sign off another successful celebration of all things Irish design then a gala awards dinner in the 5 star Europe hotel. I am delighted to be a finalist in the best blog category and dressing up for the formal occasion to suit! I will be wearing (of course) and Irish designer for the night and the dress is simple but beautifully cut and tailored. The sample I was sent is unluckily for me designed for supermodels legs so I'll have to have the skyscraper emergency heels out tonight so expect lot of stooped photos. Once I had my dress organised, it allowed me to search for the perfect complimentary accessories. Unfortunately my Kate Spade bag is currently stuck in customs but I am in love with this Joanne Hynes bib necklace I purchased a few weeks back for tonight in question. Joanne who is originally from Galway, is one of the most talented designers in Ireland at present and has even collaborated with stores like Topshop and brands such as Pretty Polly since launching herself on the fashion circuit back in 2003. Her quirky and shout out loud pieces makes her one of my favourite designers at present and I am so excited to finally add a statement piece of hers to my wardrobe.

As much I am looking forward to tonight, my category is so strong and bursting with bright young talented bloggers so I won't hold my breath with carrying away the prestigious award but I am looking forward to catching up with familiar faces and meeting new ones! Be sure to pop by my Facebook or Instagram tonight to see the final reveal of my complete outfit!

I'm off to get ready as we speak!
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx


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