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Yucky Duck Fashion

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Birthday perks with satin skirts

This morning I finally got my act together and booked my flights for London Fashion Week in two weeks time. This will be my third visit in two months to the English capital and I can't help but develop a gra for the city that has lead me on so many exciting adventures of late. As I will have a huge choice of Orla Kiely's forthcoming resort and Spring / Summer collections to choose from I have been mainly focusing on picking up new accessories when brainstorming styling ideas to compliment her 60's vibes. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see my new purchases for London baby!

When I stayed at Castlemartyr Resort last month it gave me another chance to break out this amazing full length satin skirt by Cork designer Samantha Kennedy with hand sown delicate flowers. I previously wore it to Cork Fashion Week last Autumn and didn't have a special enough occasion since let it out on vacation from my ever bulging wardrobe. Dining in 5 star hotels prove the perfect location to get as dressed up to the nines as possible and it didn't feel out of place in the 17th century manor house surroundings. Last time I wore this skirt in Cork city, a young woman who was part of a hen party contingent stopped me on Washington Street to ask if this was 'seriously' what I wear on a night. I should add that the women in question was wearing a micro black dress with pink neon leg warmers. I quickly replied that I was a fashion blogger and to contact me if she needed fashion advice herself! There's no accounting for taste!

Samantha Kennedy herself has re-branded herself to the new fashion label 'Molly Loves Bowie' and although this skirt is out of stock, you can shop her newest collection as well as contact her in regards special requests here. I let the skirt do the talking and opted for this River Island black silky tee and silver heels gifted to me from the Heat Magazine shoot. Shop a very similar sandal version from iClothing.ie here. Lastly I accessorised my decolletage with this beautiful torque necklace from Irish brand Newbridge Silverware which was a gift I received for my 18th Birthday many moons ago. In fact this piece is SO old, Samantha Mumba was then the face of the brand in her heyday! My sisters and I have many Newbridge pieces between us and this torque is by far my favourite of them all. I definitely need to convince my boyfriend to take me on more fancy dinners so I have an excuse to wear it more often!

I'm shooting an outfit as part of Kilkenny street style for a magazine this week so I will be share some sneak peak details about it in my next post! P.S apologies for the picture quality above, it was left until late in the night and steady hands weren't in abundance at that late stage of the evening!

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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