Yucky Duck Fashion

Yucky Duck Fashion

Monday, 20 January 2014

From Hair to Herbal - Heat Magazine Special

Those of you who have been following my blog over the past couple of months you will be completely aware of my trips to London for Herbal Essences last month. I have, however, been only in contact with the Irish Herbal office recently preparing to publicise it to Irish press, leading the way to new readers interested in discovering something that will be then old news to you guys. As incredible as it was, I don't intend on flogging a dead horse (for better words) so this will be my third and final post about that whole experience. If you haven't read them already, you can catch up on the previous two posts on meeting Nicole Scherzinger, and the #ScherzingHair wrap party here and here.

I had intended to writing this post last month when the issue of Heat Magazine was first published, but instead of writing another 'shoot post', I decided last week to blog about my hair journey, from tot to tomboy teen, and kidulthood to ladyland (I try). I get asked often how do I get my hair to be so thick and subsequently super healthy, but today I prove that good hair genes is fundamentally my biggest hair-care secret. As embarrassing as some of these photos are, I am quite accepting that this was me then and each photo represents my growth not only as a person and also contributes to the establishment of who I am now. So enjoy my horror picture story, from yucky duck teen to hair queen!

Born with a full head of hair which was so long I had curls at the back of my head down my neck (and plenty of heartburn for my poor expecting Mum!)

Age 2 with a thick curly bob styled by my Dad and a pair of kitchen scissors.

Long light brown locks which I myself liked to cut my own layers into. A plastic hairband kept my unintentional rockabilly fringing in place for my 7th Birthday.

A clear disinterest in hair hygiene at age 13 with a greasy slicked back ponytail back in 2001.

This is why persons with thick hair should not have an unlayered bob. Cut for practicality for sport, easy maintenance and quick blow-drying at aged 15. Note the unflattering posture too.
Modelling for the Coca Cola Form & Fusion Design Awards back in Transition Year. Our costume was based on 'Medusa' and I had pipe-cleaners plaited into my hair.

Mid length up-style, post Leaving Cert for my debs back in 2006.

Single and ready to mingle a year later with a dodgey full fringe and corkscrew curls and plenty of boob.

Goodbye full, hello uneven side parting a year later in 2008.

Channeling Lana Del Rey back in 2011 with a few halo highlights.

First time dye job back in 2010 - blonde balyage transformed my hair to a more trendy boho (couldn't be arsed brushing) hair look. My Mum hadn't allowed me to dye it until then. It was kinda a big deal. This was the picture I submitted to Herbal Essences taken back in August 2013 which subsequently lead to.......

December 2013 - Goodbye balyage, hello award winning chocolate hair! Heat Magazine feature!

January 2014 - Healthy, shiny and in the best condition it's ever been.

My phone has gone into overload dealing with press, media and other bloggers mentions today. I have spent most of the afternoon doing interviews with various national radio and newspaper agencies which I will link on my page when released. People often ask me the reason for the name 'Yucky Duck' and presume that it is due to a physical transformation from my teens through to who I am now and you wouldn't be blamed for mistaking that resason based on the forementioned photos. However,Yucky Duck is a mainly a positive spin on a personal journey from both inside and out and one that has truely come full circle since winning the Herbal Essence competition. So it is due to that fact that Herbal Essences suggest that I now have decided to rebrand my blog as 'Yummy Duck'.

Joke! There's always room for improvement!

Thank you to everyone for their support since I started this blog 12 months ago. And of course I couldn't have won the Herbal Essences prize without your votes and encouragement.
I am forever grateful for your following, interest and feedback.

Let me know if you enjoyed this embarrasing flashback post,
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx


  1. Awh lovely Photos Vera! Well done!

    Michaela X]


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