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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Meeting Nicole Scherzinger - A Herbal Essence Fairytale Story

The money shot

 Celebrity hairdresser & #ScherzingHair preliminary round judge Ben Cooke


It was nearly three weeks ago now, where this fairytale begins. Our 21st century heroine, was lying in bed and heard a *ping* from her IPhone. Not another spam email she thought, rolled over and thought no more. It wasn't until later that morning that she came face to face with the first line of an email sent from the Herbal Essence marketing manager: "Hi Vera, congratulations, this is to let you know that you have been voted the winner of the Herbal Essences #ScherzingHair competition." Well it's fair to say I nearly died with shock. So convinced I would not win, I decided to scrap the long-term balayage for a much healthier natural brown hues a month previous. 

After littering social media with status', I engaged in a serious of interchanging messages between their PR regarding arranging my prize itinerary. I flew to London less than 10 days later with my boyfriend for an all expense paid trip to shoot with Heat Magazine with celebrity photographer Alex James.

The issue itself is out on the 17th of December, and I will write a separate post with behind the scenes photos and all the details as I have to keep certain elements top secret until then. After shooting, we were whisked away to lunch at Cafe Anglais. Tired but still in an overwhelmed mood, we were asked to return to the studio later that evening for a press event. There I met with some of the UK's contemporary female press powerhouses. It was there I was introduced to Nicole Scherzinger, Herbal Essence Ambassador as she relaunched the Herbal 'classics' collection. 

For the next part I am going to answer some of the questions I received about her since arriving home. Yes she is just as amazingly beautiful in the flesh, if not a little unnecessarily heavy on the make up. She is around 5ft 5-6ish and likes to throw her arm around your shoulder to make you bend down to make you shorter. No really, she did cleverly do that and I remain slightly hunched in certain pictures. We spoke about the #ScherzingHair competition, how excited she was to meet me and how beautiful my hair was after running her fingers through it (I can envision my male readers getting a bit too excited now so I better bring this back to family friendly). We spoke about her time in London, as we sipped Cosmo cocktails, then preceded to take far too many photos including my favourite selfie picture. Obviously I did not wear any false tan for my magazine shoot, so when I saw that I looked like nothing other than an Irish albino next to her, I annoyingly asked her to retake photos with my jacket on to wish she replied that she wished she had beautiful pale Irish skin (lies). 

Overall, I found her to be amazingly polite, professional and so friendly. She had great time for everyone as she moved around the room to entertain all present despite having arrived at the studio 13 hours previous for an all day shoot. I will also delighted to meet celebrity hairdresser Ben Cooke, of whom I thanked for sending me in to the top ten of the hair competition. Ben is also Nicole's personal hairstylist and is responsible for many of her hairstyles every week on the XFactor. After leaving the event, to which I can now announce that I was asked if I was interested to doing future work with the hair company (to my delight and shock), myself and James ended up back in our hotel room, with me passed out from exhaustion and him helping himself to our complimentary bottle of champagne from Heat. 

Since arriving home, I have been in contact with the Herbal Essence marketing manager and I am thrilled to say that the #ScherzingHair journey does not end here! I have been invited back to be both a guest of honour and brand representative to address the press at a special Herbal Essence party at Brick Lane in London this Sunday, all expenses paid once again. Both myself and my boyfriend will be packing our bags again and jetting off for part two of this amazing experience. I would like to thank all the girls at Talk PR, Herbal, Heat, Sunbeam, Superdrug and Black Tomato Agency for all their help and planning. This has been one of the best experiences of my life to which I owe too many people to name. I would like also to thank all my followers who voted and who have been so supportive to both Yucky Duck and Vera McGrath since this whirlwind opportunity had come to light. I am beyond grateful for all your 'likes' shares, and comments and will definitely be posting full time again post Christmas mania. 

I will be tweeting live from the event on Sunday so be sure to follow me on Twitter here to keep up to date on all news from the night!

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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