Yucky Duck Fashion

Yucky Duck Fashion

Thursday, 17 October 2013

You're so WOW!

I had been lusting after this pop-art Markus Lupfer 'WOW' jumper since Penneys released their knock-offs last Winter and was delighted when I picked one up from eBay for €50 this month (RRP €400) from a UK seller (similar here). I am a big fan of red, and the hand crafted speech bubble is made of french knots (a whole load of little balls glued on in other words). My wax pleather jeans arrived today from Irish online clothing company IClothing and I picked them out of a voucher I received. I'm loving the double zip detail on the hips and ankles but bare in mind that I'm just hitting 5ft 8" in height before you purchase! I picked up the very on-trend cut-out boots a few weeks back from Penneys / Primark for €22 (similiar here) as well as this gorgeous black fedora for €8 (similar here). Winning.

Today I went for a €6 curly blow dry in the City Wax sister hair salon 'Dollhouse'. I had previously been there for an upstyle earlier this year (of which I subsequently took down after I left) so this really was last chance salon for them. The trainee stylist herself was so lovely but totally overwhelmed by the work and effort it takes to style my hair. I had pre-warned the secretary of my thick long mane when booking to ensure that the trainee was aware of what she was getting herself in for but alas no help aided her by splitting the workload.

Once we went over the two hour mark, I felt weak, bum-numbed and even Prince Harry staring back at me from the cover of Hello! magazine couldn't keep my spirits up. When I complained earlier this year about the upstyle I praised the stylist for doing the best she could within her abilities but slated the management for not providing adequate guidance and a helping pair of hands to get the job done efficiently. Today was the same scenario, 9 months on. In the past I have had people make excuses to my face blaming my hair type or length, but in a world of hair lusting and every second person having a head full of extensions, long hair blow-drying really should not be a big deal anymore. A blow-dry should not take 2 hours and 50 minutes. Period.

What do you guys think of my blow-dry? Was it worth the wait? Let me know!
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

(Please note the longest I have ever sat in a hairdressers chair is 5.5 hours)


  1. I've gone to the doll house a couple of times and actually used them for my wedding and all the bridesmaids! couldn't have LOVED my upstyle any more, and the girls and mine all lasted through hours and hours of dancing!
    You do have a fine mane of hair alright.. looks fab!

  2. your hair is unbelievable , so jealous! the pants are also fab :)