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Yucky Duck Fashion

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Hail Mary!

Thank you to everyone for their kind wishes in regards the Lulu Guinness collaboration for the upcoming fashion week. I am beyond excited and busy organising myself and planning my outfit for the designer of the year show taking place on the 5th of October. Choosing what to wear is particularly tricky as I have so many ideas and looks in mind and of course NOTHING in my wardrobe good enough for it.

I apologise that I didn't do this particular post sooner. I had intended on retaking the photos (as they were taken a little off the cuff one Saturday night) but I had been sick last week and the thought of getting dressed up with no where (I could) go really just didn't appeal.

Green cami: River Island
Bag: DVF
Sandals: Penneys / Primark
Necklace: Zara

I am in particular love with the 'stained glass' Autumn / Winter trend, pushed by designers Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen this year, although I haven't seen it trickle down to the high street quite yet. I was delighted to see this 'Angel of Gabrielle like' body-con skirt from Romwe and for €22 (and FREE delivery) I won't lose much sleep if the nun in me gets bored of this fad. A downside however, is its 'one size' sizing which realistically only fits gals who are a UK 8-10. 

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen clutch

Another huge trend is the regal influence, with crowns & crosses in abundance on the high street especially Topshop, and I could not resist this trendy bird ear cuff from Zara for €15. No need for a double piercing as the piece stays in place with a clip attaching over the upper ear. Did it hurt? HELL YEAH! But after a few bevies and dances, who was to notice the burning pain from my feet and my pulsating ear, hiding a bright red colour in appearance under the diamante stones. 

The 'laughing because I'm in pain' photo

Make sure you check me out on Instagram over the next week as I prep for fashion week! In the meantime, I'm off to say a few hail Mary's for this blaspheming post!

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

Saturday, 21 September 2013

A Day in The Eye of Lulu - CFW Collaboration

Little did I know two weeks ago, when I was writing my blog post stating I was going to take a step back from blogging that I now would be making a huge announcement in regards to an email I received earlier this week. For those of you that follow my Facebook page, you will have seen that last month I was contacted by one of Lulu Guinness' head quarters press team in regards a photo I uploaded to my Instagram. Last month, my boyfriend snapped a pic of me kissing my new Dice bag from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection while on a night out at 1am. It was this photo that subsequently lead to a series of emails between myself and the press team in regards to it appearing on their website, Facebook and weekly blog. They had previously read my post on my day trip to Kildare Village here and it was clear to them that I was both a huge fan and asset to the brand.

As London Fashion week unfolded over the week of 14th to the 18th of September, I followed the events closely, and it was then I came across a collaboration between international designer and OBE laureate Lulu Guinness and eight of the United Kingdom's most renowned fashion bloggers. The campaign was called 'A Day in The Eye Of' as these eight bloggers were given one of Lulu's eye purses' from her new Autumn / Winter collection. It was the task of these chosen few to snap their daily fashion week events from the FROW or the BRO' (back row as I like to call it), as seen through their 'eyes' and upload it to every social media outlet possible both publicising themselves, their style, the bag and London's fashion scene.

After enquiring about the campaign to their press team, and stating that Cork Fashion Week began In October and was I thinking about purchasing the bag to do something similar. I was then invited by Lulu's press team to become a brand ambassador of the new eye purse as they aimed to expand their London stunt to other global fashion weeks with international bloggers.

After ironing out the execution and social media guidelines, I received the (Irish) emerald eye bag by courier yesterday. This had all happened so fast. After doing some research on the previously chosen bloggers, I realised that I was a pretty small fish in comparison to their readership reach. This is why it is such an honour for me, as realistically they could have chosen anyone, but instead decided to chose someone who genuinely loves the brand. Despite it being a well known British brand, my aim is to use these opportunity to publicise Irish fashion, designers and Cork City as much as possible through attending the events of Cork Fashion Week running from the 5th to the 12th of October to an international audience.

I also have a few more Cork Fashion Week cards up my sleeve, but you will have to wait until nearer the time until I reveal them. While you won't catch me on the FROW, be sure to catch me and my 'eye' during the events taking place next month on her website here. I can't wait to report back to Lulu my posts and pictures of my experience and help put Irish fashion and local designers on the map. Want to find out more about the 'Day in the Eye of' campaign? Check out this page and photos on Instagram using the hashtag: #dayintheeyeof


Ella Gregory of 'Coco's Tea Party' with the Sapphire Eye

Olivia Purvis of 'What Olivia Did' with the Emerald Eye

Danielle Wightman-Stone of 'Fashionista Barbie' with the Hazel Eye

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Kooples Wannabes - Stellar Magazine Feature

Just as I was gearing up for a follow up post about last week's announcement, that I discover myself in a much-loved magazine feature out in shops today! I am a HUGE Stellar magazine fan (an Irish fashion mag with a demographic readership of 18 - 34 year old females) so you can image my DELIGHT to be appearing between the pages of one of my favourite go-to monthly fashion bibles. I am not going to lie, I have mailed the editor and their fash-pack previously to no luck, and not even a "thanks but no thanks" so to receive an invitation to go to Dublin for a shoot was just both an overwhelming and unexpected occasion!

So what was holding me back from saying YES YES YES!? Well there was the small issue that it was in fact a couples feature to which I would have to convince my boyfriend to come along and participate in. The magazine put out a call for interesting stories of how you met your other half, and I immediately replied with our life story. Within a few hours, a staff writer had replied loving our tale and inviting us to Dublin for a full-on photo shoot. It was then I called James, and broke the news to a sleepy lad, fresh out of his leaba. His response was to "call him back in twenty minutes while he digested what I had just told him". But of course, knowing how much it meant to me he couldn't but agree!

The timing all tied in nicely as the shoot was planned for the day after the OOHLALA blog awards in Dublin last month. James was warned about his pint intake the night previous, as we left Everleigh Gardens at a respectable hour to catch some beauty sleep before the main event the following day at midday. After catching a cab to McCall Studio, we were introduced to staff writer Lorraine and photographer Naomi. There I was transformed by sweetheart make-up & hair stylist from the LA Academy before the outfit dilemma started. I had been told in a previous email to dress 'casually' or 'smart causal' but at the shoot was asked did I have my 'first date outfit' picked? WHAT? NOOOO! I had put so much thought into my outfit for the blog awards that I had just thrown a few tees, skort and my cigarette pants into my suitcase and thought no more of my styling. Silly girl. James on the other hand was totally covered, bringing suit pants, shoes, trainers, chinos, polos, jumper, check shirt, smart shirt, casual shirt and whatever else fitted into his Nike holdall.

After ramsacking my suitcase I finally settled on my Kooples mustard skirt (similar here) and newly purchased Kooples galaxy tee (available to buy here). James was photographed firstly alone, then us together. We spent the majority of it laughing and messing as I couldn't believe how serious he was taking the whole thing and his lack of camera shyness! He then did his best to embarrass me as I posed alone for some singular shots, taunting and joking from behind the scenes. To say I was slightly anxious of how the whole thing would turn out would be an understatement. James' chinos are from Zara, his long sleeve mandarin polo is from The Kooples Sport and his Tommy Bowe lookalike trainers are actually from Penney's / Primark.

I've got The Princess Diaries 'foot-pop' going on! It must be lurve!


The Kooples A/W 2013
The Kooples A/W 2012
Behind the scenes
Having a height giggle with my make-up artist
The three key elements of the first night we met which inspired our Stellar feature; the Motel Rocks dress I wore, my admission receipt and my bank card of which he found.

This is my third national magazine feature (previously shooting for U Magazine last year and Xpose in April, so what's the secret for new fashion bloggers who want to get in on the editorial scene. The truth is I applied for all three shoots, I wasn't discovered or head hunted. I literally put myself out there hoping someone would like what they saw and they did. So mail, tweet or tag different magazines until they notice you. Remember, just because they're not paying attention to this outfit, doesn't mean they won't love the next.

I really love our shots from Stellar, the whole thing was really endearing and special. A big thanks to James who has always supported my blog and fashion adventure. I couldn't do it without you!

I'll be back Friday with a new outfit post and some exciting news guys. My Mum is presently buying-out every Stellar from Easons so catch a copy while you can.

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx
Disclaimer: I'm actually 25 NOT 27 :)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Taming of the Toucan & Coping with 'Blogger's Block'

Last month I had a blog rant about people no longer saving up for special long lasting pieces and instead impulse buying cheap, disposable garments. My Charlotte Olympia toucan bag is a clear indication of saving at it's best. Retailing at over €450 at the start of Summer, by the time I had enough coins hidden under the mattress I managed to nab it for 60% off a few weeks back. Charlotte Olympia is a designer who I have totally bought into, showcasing her quirky interests and enviable life through her Instagram page. Shes also the designer of those 'cat pumps' you see on every celebrity and with many high street variations. So finally owning a piece of hers really does complete my wardrobe on some personal level.

I had brought the bag down to West Cork for the night, and could feel my OCD tendency kicked into over-drive as everyone man-handled the suede bag in amazement. Once a symbolism for Guinness, I managed to snap some pint holding pictures and waterside angles down in scenic Ring. My lime dress is from Irish clothing company Iclothing and can be purchased here. I nabbed it for neat €22.50 with an August promo code. My Zara necklace momentarily broke my heart when the main stone fell out but the kind staff in Mahon Point swapped it out for me. Finally my cork wedges got once last Summer hoorah and they were purchased from New Look a few seasons back.

After steam rolling out new posts at the start of August, you may have noticed a sudden absence the last couple of weeks. My frustration with life and as a result with my blog has come to a head. Keeping motivated, inspired, and being financially fuelled are key elements to churning out an interesting blog. The fact of the matter is though, I have been unemployed since March this year, and despite a limited budget, being fashionable became a new challenge but also brought with it an unfounded pressure. Relying on eBay, bargain hunting and my writing skills I aimed to grow something out of very little backing. Despite my attempts, I feel I still am somewhat overlooked on the Cork fashion circuit, leading me to rethink my blog style and content. With new fashion blogs popping up every day, it has lead me to make decisions over the sustainability of an unemployed fashion blog. Being unemployed has lead me to shy away from certain events, with only so much of 'why don't you move to England' and 'but what do you do all day' I tolerate. Questions clearly only asked by Celtic Tiger cubs and those basking in a permanent position filled with ignorance.

With endless car trouble the last month (a car I bought and maintain myself) there hasn't been much left in the piggy bank. So this begs the question...what next for Yucky Duck? I don't know if this is the end, but for now it may be something i need to momentarily suspend. My blog was once a haven for positive mental health in a boring, bleak career searching world but now has produced its own pressures to buy new clothes to keep current and fresh. I really can't financially compete with bloggers on full time salaries. Frustrating I know, but this is real life.

I don't know if every blogger goes through some kind of 'blog crisis' but I definitely need to go on some 'happy pills', Feng Sui my life or have some kind of wardrobe intervention to get me over this hump. Just as I write this, I get two emails asking if I 1. want to go to a fashion event and 2. do i want to write for an Irish fashion website. Somewhere in the background I can hear Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' blaring loudly against my eardrum. Maybe this duck isn't goosed just yet.

If anyone has any advice of how they overcame their blog 'hump' be sure to drop me a comment or mail. Please don't leave comments that you would not like to receive yourself.

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx