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Yucky Duck Fashion

Friday, 9 August 2013

The Girl with the Golden Concertina

Describe your fashion personality in three words: 'professional' 'materalistic' 'shopaholic'? Yes my name is Vera and I am an addict. And like a true addiction i have still managed to fund it despite my resources not being quite so flush as they were when I started this in January. It has become a welcomed challenge, and luckily for me I've got eBay on my side. I definitely enjoy the bidding chase, but have become quite strict on my limit. I even fancy myself as a bit of an fashion actuarist, knowing the personal value and worth of others second hand tat. Or don't you know it's called 'preloved' now, darling. Some rights activist is hugging themselves over that politically correct relabelling somewhere.

So my latest eBay orphan? Well earlier this week I re-homed this gorgeous gold skater skirt by Jones and Jones. I actually spotted this skirt way back on the MTV music awards a few moons ago worn by a girlband member we have heard nothing good come about since. Who knows, it may even be hers. I bought the skirt for a cool £10. Sweet. 

Pic: coolspotters.com

As the skirt is quite short I sported some over the knee socks to mind my modesty. A nod to a trend to come, expect to see thigh high riding boots everywhere this Autumn/ Winter 2013. Try your best to channel Jilly Cooper and not Julia Roberts 'Pretty Woman'-esque. I got these socks back in Topshop a few years back, but you can pick up some not so similar ones here

As you can see from the photo above, there is a small postal stamp stuck to my envelope clutch. A guy in the pub decided it's hilarity one night to attach it to my handbag. The large envelope bag is from River Island and is old enough that the stamp attached would no longer cover the postage. 

My western shirt is from The Kooples Autumn / Winter 2012 collection, with it being such a popular seller that they re-released it for Spring / Summer. Lazy or genius, you decide. The black embroidery is beautiful though, and I am particularly fond that it continues on the back of the shoulders for a peek-a-boo touch. 

My red soled wonders

I purchased the skirt from eBay.co.uk and they would only ship to Great Britain so it was my first time using the 'Parcel Motel' service, which allows you to deliver items to a intermediary UK address from companies which only only post to Great Britain. I gave the seller my designated Parcel Motel address, which when arrived there was then transferred to Ireland and subsequently to a pick-up spot at your local Topaz Filling Station. With two free goes when you sign up, the service cost me nothing (usually €3.50) and was very efficient. Find out more about the service here

Next week I am attending the OohLaLa blog awards and launch party in Dublin. Despite not making it as a finalist, I decided not to be a party-pooper and go hang out with some of Ireland's best dressed fashionistas for the night. I've already picked out what I'm going to wear and look forward to the fashion show and awards ceremony. 

Finally, thank you to Holly Shortall for my new Yucky Duck illustration for my blog. Any work enquiries can be directed to her here

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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  1. Hi! I love your blog! I just nominated you for a Liebster Award check out my blog for details http://zee-railed.blogspot.ie/2013/08/i-just-accepted-liebster-award.html

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