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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Small Duck in a Big City - Meeting Orla Kiely

With the wonderful Orla Kiely
When I wrote my first blog post over six months ago now, I referenced the 'Devil wears Prada' scenario of working in a new, alien environment with a clueless attitude about designers, customers who thought I slept under the till at night, and work colleagues who would sacrifice their rent for a have-to-have purchase which was more than likely a third of their paycheck. I was out of my comfort zone, and had to make strides to fit into a world I didn't belong in.

When i subsequently left, (not to change to my dream job like my parallel Anne Hathaway character) I hadn't put any more thought into that borderline school yard scenario. That is until I had three hours to stew on it on the bus journey home from Dublin on Tuesday last.

I received an email last month from a marketing company, commenting on my collaboration with Cork designer Samantha Kennedy HERE. The email itself was full of praise for showing initiative for promoting Irish fashion and local designers. Thus I made the journey to Dublin on Tuesday morning to attend the launch of Irish designer Orla Kiely's collaboration with coffee giant Kenco.

The event was held in the McCall Studio, Bond Street, with photographs of actress Saoirise Ronan adorning the wall along with scantly clad women posing with a Diet Coke bottle. It was the closest thing to stepping in to a scene from Sex and The City I had ever experienced. The location was full of invited journalists, TV personalities, designers, and presenters who mingled among an air kissing crowd. Then there was me.

A sceptic selfie in BT2, shirt & belt The Kooples, boots Irregular Choice, skort Zara. 

Thrown in at the deep end, I approached various fellow invitees to be met with both either friendly receptions or standoff-ish grimaces, with one even belittling the role of a blogger, and was topped off by getting scolded by a well known TV personality for getting her name wrong. Lead balloons were grenadine everywhere. With glasses of prosceso and five star canapes dished out, I noticed I seemed to be the only one with making strides with leaving a dent in the platter of the chocolate strawberries. 

My weakness for the chocolate dipped strawberries (All gaps made by me)

After a short presentation about Orla, and a quick interview conducted by Sonya Lennon, Orla herself mingled with the crowd. I can only describe her as wonderfully modest and borderline awkward as i mostly talked AT her of how much i loved and respected her work. I guess I wasn't the only one finding it to be a tough crowd, as she shyly entertained everyone despite looking uncomfortable at being the centre of attention. 

Sonya Lennon, Orla Kiely & a rep from Kenco
The new Orla Kiely travel mug with inspirational mood boards

As i left with my goody bag in tow, after receiving countless new Twitter follow offers, I stupidly offered to share my taxi with another well known TV personality, only for them to skip out on paying their share for the fare. The taxi man offered if I would like a receipt to bill RTE with. I blushed and kindly refused, and he gave me a euro off my total fare. How generous.

After a quick browse in BT2 and a pondering coffee in Bewleys, I was well glad of my Kenco umbrella which I found wrapped at the bottom of my goody bag. Only in Ireland, would you find an umbrella an acceptable parting gift. As we journeyed south on the M8, my 'Devil wears Prada' past crept back into my thoughts. Along with that scene from MTV's The Hills when Lauren and Whitney are working back stage at an event and Kelly Cutrone bluntly asks, 'But...who are you?'. I refuse to let people believe that I didn't belong there as I attempt to climb some kind of invisible social blogger ladder. It was such an important learning experience and only regret not selling myself more when faced with negativity. Literally. I eventually triumphed when educating myself about fashion, and I am just as determined about growing my blog.

The limited edition Orla Kiely travel mug will be available with promotional packs of Kenco Millicano coffee, in selected supermarkets and stores from mid August. As an avid coffee lover, I'm definitely going to make good use of mine.

This weekend I am off to Indiependence Festival, with thanks to those at Bacardi Oakheart.
 Expect lots of welly selfies!

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx


  1. Such a good post Vera! :) I'm sure there are hundreds of girls out there going through the same struggles as you. In regards to the ''famous'' or more ''well-known'' people who made you uncomfortable I guess they forgot that you should be nice to everyone on your way to the top because you could meet them all on your way back down! :) X

  2. Absolutely LOVE this post. So nice to know there are other bloggers out there who feel the same! The nerve of some people just because they're higher on the social ladder doesn't mean they can belittle others on the way up. Gawd! Stay strong! :)

    Lily x


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