Yucky Duck Fashion

Yucky Duck Fashion

Monday, 19 August 2013

Just another night out on the tulle..

It was just another Saturday night spent deciding what to wear. 'Last minute' is my middle name and I left it up to my Facebook followers to be judge and jury of my attire for the evening. The people spoke and it was decided that a little Carrie Bradshaw was to be injected into Cork's fashion nightlife circus. Life would be much more simple if I had on of those electronic outfit builders like Cher in Clueless. A suggestion for a future Christmas present. 

After my designer - blogger collaboration with Samantha Kennedy in July here I instantly fell in love with all things tulle and blue. Unfortunately real light soft tulle can be incredibly expensive so I decided to scour eBay for a gauze-mesh alternative. There I came across a Chinese seller advertising long midi tulle skirts in a variety of colours for €7 (similar here). Yes €7, the same amount of money I spent on my Supermacs snackbox meal last night. 

The colours of the rainbow were on offer and at that price I really could of bought one of each guilt-free. Even the grammatical error riddled description didn't put me off with the seller explaining that: "if layer number of too much will make skirt very heavy, and looks very loose, will seem too fat". 'Too fat'? I laughed. The truth couldn't have been any further, with an elasticated waist it meant I could of eaten Christmas dinner before I headed out last Saturday and not felt any guilt or shame in my happy bloated belly. 

A white gold bangle & some coral nail ink

So for €7 what was the catch you ask? Well for once there was none. It took three weeks to arrive which is the norm for post from China to Ireland, as described and in a perfectly new condition. It didn't even catch fire in the smoking area of The Secret Garden. Calamity Vera had a night off it appears. To 'toughen-up' the softness of the skirt, I sported my studded Penney's sandals and my skeletor Ozzy Osbourne tank that I bought from a brand stocked at Topshop.com 'And Finally' in May. Last weekend, I treated myself to a new statement necklace from Zara which is available to buy online here for €28. If you're buying in-store be sure to double check that all the crystal flowers are intact. 

Last week was really hectic with my trip to Dublin. Not only did I travel for the Blog Awards but also I am proud to say that I will be appearing between the pages of Stellar Magazine next month too. Stellar were seeking applications for couples stories and I am delighted to announce that my boyfriend's and my 'how we met' story was chosen to be featured. We both attended a photo shoot on Wednesday afternoon last for the upcoming feature. When the issue comes out in a couple of weeks I'll be sure to fill you in on all the details but for now here's a sneaky behind the scenes snap:

To say thank you to all my blog followers and a welcome to my new Facebook page 'likers' I am going to run a competition later on this week. Let's just say you'll be very happy to Cee it..

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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