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Yucky Duck Fashion

Monday, 29 July 2013

My chocoholic shoes & mixin' auld n' new

There's a nice quote doing the the rounds lately on Twitter which states; 
"spend more, buy less".
It's true origin is unknown, but every high end fashion designer or any Joe Soap who can make a meme is jumping on the slogan's band wagon. It is, however, a motto I have been living by since reinventing my wardrobe twelve months ago. You see, I no longer impulse buy, instead each fashion expenditure decision is carefully planned. 

In my eyes, I see myself as a 'fashion collector'. I have no problem spending hundreds on a piece, so long as I can consciously think of how I can restyle it a dozen different ways. Any of my upper end price garments, I always buy with the intention of keeping for the rest of my life. Such is an example is my Lulu Guinness 'Lips' clutch. I first blogged about it in March HERE, and have worn it a handful of times since. I decided to break it out (of it's dust bag) last Saturday night, as I had an impromptu night away in Kinsale, a small picturesque town situated along the south Cork shore line. 

Despite going on a bit of an eBay spree last week, I decided to refer back inside my wardrobe and reinvent a new outfit based on key clothing elements I have 'collected'. You have previously seen my snake-print The Kooples tank HERE and my JW Anderson skirt HERE. I firmly believe that the measure of a good wardrobe is being able to mix and match clothes for both daytime and night, and both of these pieces are ones that I have worn at AM and PM.

My necklace is from the Primark / Penneys Limited Edition accessory and footwear collection. I had my eye on this beautiful ruby stone stone necklace since the Penneys Autumn / Winter '13 preview last month. At only €10, the necklace is that of the quality of other statement stockists such as Zara and ASOS but for a fraction of the price. Unfortunately the collection is only available in selected stores across the UK and Ireland and I bought the last one on the shelf in the Cork city store last week, thanks to an indecisive girl who put it back on the shelf. Hooray!

My look is finished with shoes from Irregular Choice, A UK brand founded in the 90s and stocked in stores such as Schuh, Korkys, ASOS as well as their online store HERE. I got these delicious chocolate courtesan heels in Schuh in the sale around three years ago, and between the ice cream scoop, side of cream, chocolate truffle and a strawberry slice, they look good enough to eat. I have around eight pairs of Irregular Choice and adore each pair for their quirky, fun and kitsch design. 

As much as I love the high-street, if I had a euro for every time someone said 'I went into Penneys today and spent €80 on stuff I don't need' then I wouldn't be a millionaire but I would be another designer bag well-off. So the next time you're standing in a high street store with a basket of junk you won't wear remember this; that €80 you're spending now could be instead used to pay €80 off the price of that bag you wanted and have talked about for the last year.

A price of an item should NEVER be the deciding factor when purchasing. Fit and use are key factors. Sometimes I feel like some people have lost the inability to SAVE-UP over a period time, and have accepted the quality sacrifice. I myself am excited to say that after lusting after one of my favourite designer's statement collection designs and subsequently saved up for it for many months, I managed to snap it up on the Net a Porter sale this month. I can't wait to style in a future August post.

So let's modernise this saying to now be: "Spend more, buy less, start saving!" - Vera McGrath

On a final note, I haven't made the cut for the finalists for the OohLaLa blog awards. Id like to thank everyone who voted and also for all the kind well wishes since finding out. Thank you again for all your support. 

Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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