Yucky Duck Fashion

Yucky Duck Fashion

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Duck or a dork?

I have finally accepted my inner dork and am proud to display my club membership statement piece by showing you guys my new glasses which I announced I was purchasing in my previous post. Glasses are the ultimate dork stigma and nothing irritated me more as a teen or as an adult when peers causally comment that they would LOVE to wear glasses, when in fact I count my blindness as a serious disability when I get out of the shower or when one contact lens decides to jump down the drain and I subsequently continue my day looking like Pop-eye. 
For those of you who go for your initial glasses shopping trip, the task can be overwhelming as the array and selection can be vast and tedious to go through. For others, you've made so many spectacle purchases and mistakes in the past, you can instantly rule out the obvious and redundant past choices. After trying on around twenty different pairs, it came down to two. The RayBan Clubmasters (top thick frame with no lower frame) and Wayfarers (thick geek plastic frames usually black in colour).  
Even though the Geek 'Wayfarers' has been on trend for some time now, I felt their reign is soon coming to an end in the next few seasons and took a chance with the Clubmasters which are due to come full circle on trend. This frequently overlooked cousin of the ever so popular geek chic screams secretary and Madmen style.
They are however harder glasses to wear and my aim today is to give you a few ideas of how to style them. I accompanied my friend to the library today, a place I only associate with study cramming and late night college assignment completions. I bought this Kimono two years ago In River Island and my wool t-shirt is from Kooples AW12. My loafers are from the River Island sale and my necklace is courtesy of a fan of my blog purchased from Forever 21

My Camogie days are long behind me, and so are my skort days, or so I thought. A skort is a pair of shorts with a flap over the front and sometimes the back also which gives the illusion you're wearing a skirt. This version from Zara has been a bestseller for them this season and due to its laser cut leaves nothing to the imagination. It comes in three colours online and is available HERE for a steal at €30.
In other news, tonight I shoot my next competition promo shots for my collaboration with Cork designer Samantha Kennedy. I am excited to announce all the details in the next few days with you and share how you can win one of her exclusive SS13 designed pieces.
On a final note, the Clubmasters are designer glasses so expect to pay more and they won't suit everyone so my best advice to you is to purchase ugly frames. If you purchase 'pretty' frames they wont make you look anymore prettier (a frame of mind a lot of people approach buying glasses with). Ugly frames are on average, more likely to be more fashionable. I've been wearing glasses since I was 7 so I'd like to think that I know a thing or two about what to avoid and what to embrace. Metal frames are a no-no along with those hideous rectangular ones we all once owned. Bright colours are out, and darker neutral tones including tortoise print is in. If you have to wear them, make you and them stand out in the process and embrace your inner (fashionable) dork!
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx

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