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Yucky Duck Fashion

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Flower Power

I don't think there is a more fitting outfit post to do today than a sunny Summer holiday one. I wore this outfit on my second day in Praia da Roche, situated in the southern coast of Portugal. The weather had been somewhat overcast but cleared that evening as we walked the promenade before dinner. I had brought lots of short skirts and shorts but had underestimated how cold the evenings became in a warmer climate, and these light grey jeans from Penney's (Primark) became a night-time stable for the first few days. The coloured denims were perfect to cover my still very pale Irish un-tanned legs, but a word to the wise is to make sure you also bring some loose printed trousers in fear you burn yourself raw. The last thing you or your skin will appreciate is tight fitting clothing and more sun exposure if this happens.


Oriental influences have been splashed across designer catwalks this season, and this blouse from Zara has a fine china blue theme. The tree print reminds me of the old willow tree love story pottery print, and the blouse itself has pockets in all the rights places to hide your decolletage modesty. My black clutch is an old Penney's reliable too.

I have had a lot of requests about where my flower sandals are from and I'm the bearer of bad news to tell you that they are no longer available. I bought them in River Island Liverpool three years ago after spotting them online.

The design encompasses three neon plastic flowers on the front along with a scorpion with diamante stones. They definitely are real head turners. Unfortunately, due to the poor finish, they are very uncomfortable and don't have any real functionality. The shoe is too long and in contrast the toe straps are too tight so you can't go down a size.

In other news, today I received an invitation to attend the Mallow Fashion and Design institute's graduation exhibition on Friday night. I love frequenting fashion shows like this as I love to discover new young designers and get a chance to meet them before their careers and price-tags sky-rocket. Also on Friday I will be announcing details of my competition in association with Finns Corner Cork.

Last but not least, I was featured in a style Q&A in today's edition of The Evening Echo! Here's a copy of the piece for my readers outside Cork and Ireland.  Enjoy!


I hope you enjoyed the beautiful burst of rays we had today and made the most to show off some skin and your favourite sunnies.
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera Xx


  1. Hi darling, I saw your feature in the echo, I was also featured in lasts Wednesdays echo,

    I'll keep a look out for you in future weeks, following you on twitter too,great to connect with another cork blogger


  2. That's so cool that your were featured! Congratulations.
    I love your sandels the flowers are amazing.