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Yucky Duck Fashion

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Varsity Rules

After a really successful preloved sale on my blog I am finally delighted to share with you the first few pieces of which I have spent my earnings on! Thank you to everyone who purchased, well wear, and I hope you are happy!

The sports luxe trend continues this Spring / Summer after appearing everywhere last year in conjunction with the Olympics. One of my favourite pieces as part of this collection has to be the varsity jacket. This jacket itself just emulates coolness as it originated in American high schools worn by popular jocks and draped over the shoulders of  their cheerleader queens. I walked Opera Lane one day and found a really nice one in Topshop. However, I was turned off buying it as for some strange reason, they decided to put around 16 of the same jacket out on the floor. With Cork being such a small place, I couldn't justify replacing my preloved items with something that wasn't quite unique.

It was then I came across the Cork vintage shop Turquoise Flamingo on Etsy.com. There I found an original 90's men's varsity jacket from Minnesota. I knew I couldn't let this one go. The jacket itself is over sized, made of wool with real leather sleeves and plenty of character. For once, I felt cool. I romanticised about who originally owned the jacket and were they any good, did they turn pro and where were they now? My boyfriend maintains that if they were any good they wouldn't have sold it in the first place though. Cheers for that James. Bubble burst.

My second purchase was something I was contemplating buying for a while now. I picked up a pair of white loafers in the River Island sale last week. Alexa Chung has been rocking loafers for some time now and I felt confident enough that i could pull off the 'granny shoe' look. It's strange that they are a shoe that you will find in every shoe department, yet I rarely see anyone wear. Initially, I found the leather was quite hard to break in, and they are a bit heavy but now are comfortable.

In other news, I am presently involved in a styling project. It's something really big, and I can't give much away at the moment, but I have been given a huge task and a lot of responsibility. I will keep you posted over the next few weeks when it all begins to come together. Also I have been getting post requests lately. If there is anything you are looking for me to review or help you with send me a mail yuckyduckfashion@gmail.com. I am off to Liverpool on Friday and will sharing my travel and fashion finds with you next week.
I have a few pieces left in my preloved blog. I am also selling this cropped varisty jacket I bought a couple of Summers ago in Topshop. It's black and cream, a size 8 and is €15. Send me a mail or tweet if intereseted.
Check out www.turquoiseflamingo.com for more vintage goodies.
Until next time ducklings,
Love Vera xX
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