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Yucky Duck Fashion

Monday, 18 February 2013

You little charmer!

You can always tell it's the 15th of February when colleagues, friends and family have some new silver plated accessory draping off them in which they're dying to showcase. Valentines and jewellery go hand-in-hand just like Laurel and Hardy or Romeo and Juliet. I, myself, have never been a jewellery enthusiast, partly due to having a careless relationship with precious metals. I have broken up life-long paired earring marriages and knotted necklaces to the point that not even my Dad, with a sowing needle in hand, can free.

One piece I do have which is precious to me is my charm bracelet which I recieved for my 21st birthday from two sisters. My sister was living in the UK and the major jewellery craze at that time was the Links of London charm bracelets. They were nicknamed 'sweetie' bracelets due to the availabilty of sweet charms such as a strawberry, cola bottle, cupcake, twister, etc.

Whilst the bracelet itself resembles the multi-coloured elasticated candy bracelets you would get in sweet shops (and inevitably rot all your teeth from) as a child. The bracelet itself is made of sterling silver. Over the last four years I have developed a relationship with the girls at the Links of London store in Cork., purchasing beautiful charms forming a rainbow ray of colour and hidden meanings. I have 20 charms in total with each one averaging €60 each. The value of my bracelet is now equivalent to some poor teenage learner driver's car insurance policy quote.
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It was after I came across my mother's bracelet , that I realised how much the charm bracelet has evolved since its introduction. The first charm bracelets were said to have been dated back to 400 BC when people made charms from animal bones, clay or shells as an amulet in order to ward off bad spirits. Now they are mass-marketed and made of precious gems, rocks and wood.

My Father commissioned my mother's bracelet to be made nearly 42 years ago by Keanes Jewellers on Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork. Her bracelet is beyond beautiful and unique with real pound and shilling money notes, englassed in trinkets with 'break incase of emergency' signage. Each charm on her bracelet has true meaning to their relationship; a gondola with reference to time he spent in Venice and a 'key to the door' pendant for her 21st birthday.


As beautiful as her bracelet is it brings me sadness when I look at my own one. There is no comparison between the two. Hers will never be replicated versus mine easily could. All I can hope for now is that one day she may hand that precious piece of jewellery on to me.
Here's hoping!
Until next time Ducklings,
Love Vera xX
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  1. ..and you'll never be broke now either! Selling off a couple of those a week would be a pretty steady income;-) still though, too pretty to give up!